About Us

It all started with Christmas Trees

A little background on me, Tony Wohlgemuth, founder of Kersey Valley, Inc. My parents emigrated from Zurich Switzerland in 1968 to High Point, NC. I was born in 1970 in High Point and never left! We moved to Kersey Valley Rd in 1979 and my dad decided to plant Christmas trees as a way to supplement the income to help pay for the farm. He moved back to Switzerland in 1983 and put the farm up for sale, fortunately, the farm did not sell and he said to figure out a way to pay for the farm. Since he moved and said figure it out I just let the trees grow up and those trees became the reason we named the haunted attraction Spookywoods.

Kersey Valley Attractions all started in 1985 with Spookywoods haunted attraction that was sparked by a midnight dare between me and a few friends as teenagers to enter the abandoned farmhouse that was built in the 1930s. At the time my girlfriend Donna was not sure the scary Halloween stuff could be more than just a hobby back in the mid-1980s. Once she decided to join in my vision, things took off, to say the least. As they say, behind every successful man is a stronger woman. Donna deserves all the credit, as she is the driving force to keep us between the ditches as my dreams don’t come cheap! 🙂

Over 3 decades of growth with my wife Donna and over 350 employees yearly the Kersey Valley family of attractions has had continuous growth expanding into year-round attractions that are as diverse as they are fun! Visit KerseyValley.com to see them all.

The Kersey Valley Christmas was first produced from 2008 to 2010 with a focus on selling real Christmas trees. We decided to end that after we had over 1200 Frazier Fur trees on the lot when the economic crash put a stop to spending. Those trees were given away with the help of FOX 8 to anyone that wanted one. The positive publicity was nice to see after losing our investment.

Fast forward to 2019 and having more parking, massive wagons, many fun attractions, and tractors in our inventory we began planning a reboot of the Christmas event with an all-new focus being a ride on the Kersey Valley Express train ride through the Wild West, Christmas Wagon rides around the farm, and all the fun family attractions we have built on the farm. Visit Santa’s Workshop to get that family photo and find that unique present in our Christmas gift shop. Oh, and of course, the millions of lights that decorate the farm. Don’t forget to take in all the delicious food options, like made-to-order Apple Cider Donuts, Fudge, Funnel Cakes, Fresh Kettle Corn, Hot Chocolate, and roast s’mores over the fire pits in the Roasty Toasty Village.

When Covid-19 took over the world we decide to wait until 2021 to launch the reboot of Kersey Valley Christmas when friends and families can be together again and celebrate the season.

All tickets are reserved in advance to keep the wait times manageable and the experience positive. So, don’t wait, tickets are available online year-round. Get your tickets before they sell out and make plans for Lights, Santa, Action at Kersey Valley. But, as with any popular event, parking is a nightmare, so plan ahead and arrive early.

The background photo was taken just above my dad’s home in Valbella Switzerland. Donna and I would visit him yearly until he passed away in 2012. He was able to see how we were able to turn those Christmas trees we planted in 1979 into a way to pay for the farm and so much more.